Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Falf way through our school year

We began on July 9th, and today is day 94 out of a required 180. So, a little over half way though, and things have been going really well so far. We do our own version of a year round schedule, taking breaks as our family needs them or wants to take them.

Rachel has gotten better at division, and will be starting the fraction book soon. She is also becoming a better speller.

Michaela has always been a great speller, and just keeps improving. She also enjoys writing, and even asked for a journal for Christmas and is constantly writing in it. She is a math wiz as well. :)

Alyssa is learning beginning math and beginning reading, and reviewing how to form her letters and numbers correctly. I made flash cards for her with easy high frequency words. When she masters a word, she gets to put a sticker on that card. When we read together, I read the words she doesn't know, and have her read the words she does know. Just like with her sisters when they were that age. :)

This week I finally reintroduced copywork into our routine. Well, for Rachel anyway. Michaela will be holding off on copywork as she is learning how to write in cursive right now.

Getting them to enjoy reading on the other hand is such a struggle. I make them read, but it's usually met with much resistance and crying. I wish I could give them reading assignments, and that they'd just do it without the complaining. It gets done. It would just be nice to get it done without the drama!

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